Abbots Green Academy

Home learning code of conduct

As we work in partnership during challenging times, it is important that we support one another by understanding the expectations from home and school.

Our intention is to work collaboratively, striving to create a healthy balance between well being and education.

As a school community, we can therefore support one another by agreeing to the following: 

As staff: 

  • To upload the learning schedules first thing on Monday morning each week 
  • To motivate and inspire learning at home 
  • To respond to the piece of work that is submitted through Showbie 
  • To respond to all emails as appropriate 
  • To offer support and challenge with learning if appropriate 
  • To understand that all children will be carrying out learning at different times 
  • To understand that every family situation is different and unique and that this will impact upon the access to    home learning being provided 
  • To recognise the difference between learning at home and learning at school 
  • To ensure that to the best of their knowledge that any websites that are used as part of the learning schedules, are safe and appropriate  

As parents:

  • To support my child/ren with their learning as much as I possibly can 
  • To establish a routine that provides a balance of learning and leisure time 
  • To be patient in obtaining a response from school 
  • To understand that a response from staff will not always be instant 
  • To recognise that different teachers will reply to emails at different times and in different time frames 
  • To understand that things change (health of one another, including staff and work commitments) 
  • To share any concerns, questions or comments directly through the school to ensure that we are striving to reach our potential every day. 
  • To recognise the difference between learning at home and learning at school 
  • To understand that it is your responsibility to make sure that children access online learning safely 
  • To ensure that any videos and communication received from staff, through Showbie is not shared beyond Abbots Green

As children: 

  • To find time every day to watch the daily video that has been shared by member of staff 
  • To ensure that you find time to complete school work everyday as well as relaxing and having fun 
  • To understand that at home there will be rules and expectations that are similar to school 
  • To share your feelings and thoughts about anything at any time- it’s always better to talk things through 
  • To try your best at all times 
  • To recognise the difference between learning at home and learning at school 
  • To make sure that parents/carers know when you are accessing the learning online