Religious Education

At Abbots Green Academy, we believe that a high-quality religious education will help pupils’ gain a coherent knowledge and understanding, where they can articulate clearly and confidently their personal beliefs, ideas, values and experiences. RE is taught using the ‘Discovery RE’ scheme. It adapts an enquiry-based approach to teaching and learning. Religious Education is a key player in developing knowledge and understanding which encourages evaluation and critical thinking. Progression is evident through building upon the pupil’s prior knowledge, allowing them to follow the steps of engaging and investigating the different religions. This leads to the process of evaluating and expressing to ensure understanding and progress is made. This inspires and builds each child’s ‘religious literacy’, helping them to understand the nature and diversity of religion and belief in the world in which they live and the relationships between different groups of society.

Aims of the Religious Education Curriculum

The national curriculum for religious education aims to ensure our pupils in;

  • Learn about the place and nature of religion and belief in their local community
  • Learn about key features of Christianity
  • Learn about key features of other religions or worldviews